Centripetal Satires

Emily's watercolor papercuts are delightfully complex in both content and execution. I marvel at what the artist is able to painstakingly achieve in these works. Drawing on traditional art forms learned from her Pennsylvania Dutch heritage she takes commonplace subjects close to her heart and visually narrates them for her audience.  We were excited to exhibit Emily’s artwork early on and look forward with great anticipation to her future works. - Sally Jeppson, Curator, Art Center, Jamestown ND

While fine tuning and polishing my vertical and horizontal watercolor with paper cuts, the “Centripetal Satire” series emerged.  Putting my spin on the circle, I wrap familiar objects with irony to tell a fun story with a twist- I live for quiet cleverness. 

This series was born when, during my research, I was drawn to a PA German Valentine of very fine cutwork titled “Lovebird”; colorful birds in circular columns, completed by a schoolmaster in the early 1800’s (to compensate for their small wages, schoolmasters made and sold Frakturs, such as birth & marriage certificates).

Click here to listen to the artist's interview about her "Many Charms of Nature, Chust fer fancy" exhibit, KFBB ABC/Fox News Interview

Fine cutwork"Lovebird Valentine", William Johnson, Pennsylvania, 19th Century