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In My Own Little Corner

original paper cuts
by artist Nikki McClure
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Paper Cutting Workshop

Age Appropriate
Project Time
Grades 6-12

5- 7 hours

Pre-teaching: YES

In my own corner of my own little chair I can be whatever I want to be”, I would sing as I danced through the corn rows, turning over rocks searching for newts.  Growing up in the mountains, I had my share of hiding spots…places I would go to contemplate, read a good book or perhaps just to listen to nature.  “Common Friskey let’s go for a run” and pretty soon all my mom would see was my pony tail and her tail wagging behind, headed up through the woods.  

On the weekends I would pack a book bag with a sketch pad and pencil for drawing images that struck me, a notebook for recording my ideas and questions, and a blanket and long sleeve shirt to make a comfortable nest; grabbing the two oars I headed down the bank to the creek.  Upon flipping the row boat over, setting the oars in place and pushing off, I knew I was going to have a journey of some sort…perhaps explore an island while I was at it.  Come fall and spring my parents would surprise my brother and I that we were going to “Camp”- one of the most beloved places for my family.  The week before, the teacher could catch me day dreaming, doodling pictures of the white house with green trim and the wonderful memories shared there.  And I have to mention the summer vacations at grandma and grandpa’s house, swinging on the porch, sipping grandma’s special, “Pucker Up” lemonade. 

As kids and as grown ups, we all have a favorite place.  Some may like to be alone in a place that provides serenity, while others may appreciate the laughter of a friend or the closeness shared between family.  During a visit to our favorite place, we find new inspiration and feel special.  The students will be sharing their favorite place and through paper cutting, capture themselves in that place.


Given a piece of black tag board students will design/ draw and cut a picture of them in their favorite place, gluing their cut-out onto a white tag board.

Unit Goals

Students will understand the art of Scherenschnitte and its significance to the Pennsylvania Germans
Students will be introduced to historic examples of paper cutting, paper cutting artists, illustrators and animators and be able to explain its origin
Students will be able to define Silhouette, Achromatic Colors, Contour Lines, Complimentary colors
Students will be able to compose and cut out a personalized design that represents them in their favorite place
Students will be able to write a story about their favorite place and why it makes them feel so special
Students will be able to present their story to their peers


They will demonstrate their understanding by designing and drawing themselves in their favorite place, using scissors to cut it out, keeping a never ending  line from start to finish.  Students will present their art to their peers and complete a self evaluation rubric.

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