Bobbin' for Berries
Stopping at the post office to mail a package, I was amazed at the amount of Cedar Wax Wing birds flying from the tree to the pavement-back and forth- feathers in a flurry.  Until this day, I never realized that tree had berries.  Seeing this comical display of feasting on the juicy red Smorgasbord reminds me of a Halloween party when the chillin’s gather around the washtub filled with water, apples bobbin’ and a floatin’…kids dunking their heads repeatedly, hair drippin’ with water, trying to be the first to capture a crunchy apple.

The paper cutting design is similar to stain glass, as I have always enjoyed the warm glow each color of glass casts on the floor and pews of a church or cathedral.  Indicative of Scherenschnitte, I incorporate the paper cutting, adding my PA Dutch (German) heritage.  As I explore and research my ancestors and their folk art, it gives me excitement and added interest to the 2- dimension- one might describe as “fancy”, as we are called the Fancy Dutch because of our great need to embellish items from furniture to forks to butter molds.