Round and Around, Without A Seconds Notice You Will Be Found
Life Cycle; it’s sad but it’s true, one day death is going to come to you.  For the creatures of the world, minus alligators, it can come a bit sooner. Growing up with Marty Stouffer, I watched bobcats race rabbits to their death and wolf packs target the weakest elk.  I realized that the Universe has an order, an unspoken code which was set since the beginning of time and more powerful than any human.  I would never want to see harm come to a ground squirrel, but barn owl is hungry and it’s feeding time.  Even through the tall grasses, the evening hunter’s keen sense of hearing can zero in on his path, which is enhanced by its facial ruff; it functions as a reflector, channeling sounds into the ears. Once a sound is detected, owl accurately pinpoints its location within 1.5 degrees in both horizontal and vertical planes. (Ring of the dinner bell) “Come and get it.”  The hamster wheel is used to elevate the hunt and the prey’s frenzy and fatigue in his fight to keep his life.