Queen of Fishing
Within the animal kingdom, the kingfisher has always held a special place in my heart- I feel a connection with this water bird and wonder, “Does it stem from my love for water?” 

Up and down the body of water they do fly, giving everything from tadpoles to crawfish a try.  When they beckon their loud shrill it gives my heart a thrill, as I know they are somewhere near resting, in the above branches, their stomachs digesting. 

Growing up next to the Mahantango Creek, come spring time, I walked out to the field, shovel and jar in hand and began to dig for worms.  Although we never caught many trout, my family enjoyed the excitement of those first days of the season- in middle school, I made the newspaper as the first fisherwoman of the day.  ROCK ON all you fishing gals!  Incorporating the mermaids to enhance my theme and add a twist of fantasy, these imaginative creatures were used in historic fraktur, each artist with their own style.