House Blessing, Fortitude
At first glance you notice apple blossoms, a flowering tree that represents fortitude.  Look closely and you will see the mama and papa bird feeding their babies.  This piece is a house blessing to represent the parents’ nurturing of their children and the strength that comes from their support and love during hard times and adversity.

Jump over the enemy is a phrase that my husband, Monte’s aunt shared with him in a letter upon his uncle’s passing- his uncle’s name through ceremony was “Jumps over the enemy”, a phrase I have pondered and applied to my life, especially when the chips are down- of course vulnerability and lack of control is not the best feeling, but out of it shines grace and humility.     Fires rage through Yellowstone Park each summer -just as life and beauty grow from beneath the ashes, making good decisions while facing adversity, I too will experience growth and learn valuable life lessons…and through all of these challenges, my mother and father’s love and support have always been a comfort and cornerstone.   

I grew up seeing a framed house blessing, hanging on the wall in our living room as well as the sitting rooms in the houses of relatives- a PA Dutch (German) tradition, which also traces its origins to similar practice in Europe, such as Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.  This cultural tradition is similar to the hex signs, or barn blessings, which the PA Dutch painted on their barns asking for safety of the animals and barn from fires and sickness.  Blessings to you and your family.