Growing up in PA, come nightfall in spring and summer, I was tickled to catch a glimpse of the lovely large winged insect, the Luna Moth, whose wingspan stretches 4.5" and has rightfully earned the nickname, Moon Moth; only flying at night.  The largest of all moths, it has been found in every state east of the Great Plains, Canada and south to northern Mexico.   

I took my first teaching job in ND where I yearned to explore new lands and stretch my wings.  The beautiful Prairie Rose, which is the ND state flower, was seen along the edge of prairies; I first took notice on a bike ride, the pink petals easily grabbing my attention from the gravel roads. Before moving out west, I didn't know a flower such as this existed, however further research has shown that they blanket much of the U.S. 

This was a time in my life of lone adventure, naivety and novelty….more than ten years later and still adventuring across the nation, I live my passion for art and educating young people with the man whom I adore, love and respect, my husband, Monte.    

I have incorporated the cycle of the moon within the center of the Prairie Rose, not only for the moths name, but because I enjoy science and viewing the night skies. I have incorporated the best of both worlds….
as East meets Midwest.