1,2,3 You're Not Too Quick For Me

The hunter and the hunted: the American Kestral whose natural instinct is to hunt to survive and the dragonfly who fights to stay alive.  Armor polished and weapons drawn, they prepare for battle.  The sharp talons and acute eyesight of the sparrow hawk allow this smallest falcon to pack a predator’s punch within its small body, one of the most colorful of raptors.  Hover, hover, hope and wonder. 

Dragonfly, clothed in her magical colors, is a magnificent aerialist, able to hover, dive, fly backward and upside down and in three tiny wing beats, reach speeds of 30 miles per hour.  A pair of giant multifaceted spheres takes up much of the head, giving her a full field of vision; their eyes are the largest and possibly the keenest in the insect world.  Will the raptor pin for a win, the water insect becoming his next meal, or will her dragon-like spirit and stealth help her get away, buying her one more day?  Does size matter or is there a greater plan?  Who wins?