The rolling Appalachians, fields and Pillow Gap of Pennsylvania grace the canvas.  Captured in June at the collectors’ home, everything is green and lush, the meadow grasses tall and strong blowing in the warm summer winds.  It was a beautiful day.

Green is the color of life.  It symbolizes growth and harmony.  As these collectors’ know, it takes many things to run a company well, harmony is one of them; harmony of the family working together with common goals.  This inevitably produces growth, something they have experienced as a company.

Living far away from my family, during a visit to the Knorr Farm, I quickly noticed the importance of family.  The granddaughter and daughter were tending to the flower beds and father and mother-in-law were visiting on the porch.  Four generations sharing much love and respect for each other.  In a fast paced chaotic world, it was a breath of fresh air to experience God’s love for that brief moment. 

Blue birds represent happiness and their song is filled with joy.  The three bluebirds symbolize the four generations; great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and grandchildren.  The two parents look on as their son takes flight, accomplishing great things.  The bluebirds become interchangeable; as their son grows he takes a wife and has children.  As time passes, his children have children.  Now mother and father look on as their daughter accomplishes great things.  Taking flight but also having the love and support from the family.  Soon the grandchildren will take flight as their parents look on. 

Wishing the Knorr family a safe and exciting journey, filled with the joy of family and blessed by God’s love.