I have a deep passion for life with many goals. When I accomplish them my spirit soars and I long for more.


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Emily, what are you up to?

My mother seemed to be asking me this question a lot as a child- dad simply smiled.

I created my own fun and I had the biggest and baddest backyard to make new discoveries; the mountains and creek. “Come on Frisky” I would call to my confidant, our Border Collie whom was always ready to embark upon a new adventure with me. If I wasn’t writing a story while being lulled by the current in the rowboat, singing on the mountaintop, dancing across the fields or exploring the woods in the light of day, during the evening I was building forts in the living room, playing school, imagining I was an Archeologist, dancing a jig to Irish music (poor dad), concocting a magic potion or painting the sunset and ocean.

Asthma was my biggest enemy and prevented me from joining sports. I missed a lot of school because I felt like a fish out of water. Good grades did not come easy for me- tears were sometimes involved especially in Math. B's had to be earned just like my first paycheck.

We had chores. My older brother and I had to weed the garden, plant potatoes and corn, pick berries, pit cherries, rake grass and wash the cars. Although mom and dad made us work, I don’t think they made us work hard enough. I should have helped mom with the dishes more often, I should have made my bed and I certainly should have buttered my own bread.

Emily, what are you up to?

When you ask me that same question today, I am a bit surprised. I am not huddled under a rock afraid, I’m not laying in a bed of ferns dreamin’ away (however, I still make time for this when I go to PA) and I am not sittin’ in the shade sippin’ lemonade. I am co-owner of Black Pinto Horse Fine Arts and an artist with a vision who is stepping carefully from lily pad to lily pad to reach her goals.

Twelve years ago when I joined my husband in his dream of owning a Fine Art and Educational company I was a full-time, grade school teacher, receiving a comfortable paycheck every other week. I knew it was a sink or swim situation… and I certainly was not going to sink. I dug out my pink parrot floaties and have been, what feels like, treading water for years. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. The one sweet “Yes” make the million “No’s” worth it …and they make me better. I continue to work hard as I LOVE what we do- one day, I will doggy paddle, backstroke and have fun as I take a running start, yelling “CANNON BALL!”

If it makes you feel any better, Mother Theresa had her dark moments too.  Perhaps those who love deeply, face such heart wrenching times. – Anita Voelker, Professor of Education, Messiah College, Grantham PA

In the shadows a monster with a corrupt heart was lurking- it was arrogant, unbalanced and angry. It only showed itself when it didn’t get what it wanted; some would say it threw a fit like a spoiled child. “A Bully”, "Evil", the crowd jeered. Others listened and believed the lies that were spewing from its mouth. In reality, the monster was void of light. It created a heavy illusion of a fierce predator; one who could finish you with the clutch of its talons. However, with time, its true identity was unmasked and at the end of the battle, all that remained was a pile of black feathers that blew away with the first wind.

I was determined to use this uncomfortable situation where I had little or no control for a positive outcome- not to be bitter, hateful or angered, as these are emotions which can cause the fall of even the strongest of men, eating away at one’s soul, leaving fear and emptiness. I called on a higher power- asking God for strength and guidance….during the years which seemed like centuries, I continued to pray...and through the darkness, MY DRAGON SPIRIT WAS BORN. This unfortunate situation brought new knowledge and inner peace; I am not alone.

In God
I live and move
and have my being.
I am fine.
I thank you, I am fine.

-Maya Angelou