COMING MAY 2018, Denver Art Museum

The museum received such wonderful feedback about my demo and work, I've been asked back!



Recent Update, YES

Paper That Pops Exhibit & Demonstrations, December 27 - January 4,
Denver Art Museum

"This was such a wonderful demo, and it was amazing to witness so many fantastic conversations. 
Your work was a real inspiration to our vistors."
-Erin Cousins,
Director of the Studio & Artists Programs

Denver Art Museum brings Paris to Denver. Get your passport to Paris now!

As the featured artist, the experience was better than I could've imagined; 12 pieces on display, 
welcoming staff, meaningful interactions with guests, super flow of traffic and exciting energy!  
Special thanks to Erin Cousins.


The owl brought this mother over for a closer look. We shared a pleasant conversation as he took flight.
Intrigued & intelligent, Maya & I had a lot to talk about.  We made stars twinkle & played a game with my portfolio. Foxy was ONE of her favorites. At the end, she suprised me with a paper cut.  I gave her a star I paper cut.  A gift for a gift. Thanks Maya.
 The kids were excited, which made me excited, which made their parents cheer...
or was it the other way around? 
I was super excited, which made the kids excited, which made their parents cheer.  Any way you slice it, the energy was magnetic!



Kids & adults were drawn to these unique pieces that pop. Some had many questions. How do you get them so perfect? Do you put your design into a computer and use a laser cutter? Pointing to my hand and heart, I said, "It begins and ends here." I don't seek perfection. It doesn't exist in humans. When my piece rings, 
my heart sings.


It was wonderful to have the support of a dear author friend, Jolene and her children.
Thank you Gutierrez family.

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