About Emily


Dreams are where we want to be and hard work is how we get there.
- Monte Yellow Bird, artist, educator, storyteller and loving husband, website

I experienced growth in my works, but there was more to come; a conflict that was both internal and external.  I wanted to paint, but couldn't find the time.

Twelve years ago, my artist husband & I followed our passions and became partners in our fine arts and educational company, Black Pinto Horse Fine Arts. As Promotional Director, much of my time and energy was spent in the office maintaining the daily demands; my job was to keep those wheels oiled & working well. Then, very quickly, things changed.

Six years ago I had a near-death experience which developed into a life changing one.  It shook me upside down and when I was working on turning right side up, my little voice from within questioned, "What are you doing to accomplish your dreams?" "Very little" was my reply. "The voice continued, a bit louder now, "Do something that makes you feel special, do something that feels right", so Lily began to paint, she painted all through the night (excerpt taken from The Shadow)".

Finally I surrendered to the voice within and said, "Kick it into gear turkey, life is too short. Go for it!". My dreams have become goals and with much hard work, stick-with-it-ness, creativity and ingenuity I have begun accomplishing them, making them a reality– through innovation I found my VOICE.  Using my gifts I soar. My grandest goal is to become a published author and illustrator. Manuscripts...check, Mock Up book...check. Time to find an agent.